Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Expire Live

Last month I wrote about two Expire records I'd picked up. In doing this I realised via discogs that there was only one Expire release I didn't have a version of, a live split with Soul Control. The record was given away free by Bridge Nine last year, I can't remember how you went about getting your grubby mitts on one but needless to say I missed out. I'd have to correct that.

Fast Forward a week or so and I was looking at a list of records someone had for sale and noticed it was there. I sent the guy an email and he fired one back saying he didn't really wanna sell that one and also he'd feel like a dick charging me for a record he got for free - bummer! However it didn't end there. He went on to say he would be at the Bridge Nine offices that weekend and would get me a copy and send me it for the price of postage! Turns out the guy is Leigh who plays bass in Bridge Nine signees Goodtime Boys! Legit good guy! True to his word he did nab me a copy. Thanks Leigh.

This is the Black version of 600, there's also a clear version of 100. Sonically this thing sounds fairly terrible but I had to have it.
I'm contemplating a stab at getting all versions of every release by Expire now.

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