Sunday, 14 April 2013

Mario's Mindset

Some people are just honest to goodness nice dudes. Mario over at Acrossyourface is one of those people. We've exchanged a package in the past of stuff and giving each other the heads up on pre-orders and the like but this time he has really out done himself.

Back in September Mario wrote about how he'd managed to pick up a limited copy of the No Tolerance 7" on blue from Youngblood Records and he'd been good enough to secure me a copy too. He fired me an email saying he'd send it over at some point but was gonna try and pick me something else up to make the postage worthwhile. Boy did he.

So first off the No Tolerance 7" limited to 200. I'd only managed to get a black version previously so this is much appreciated. Also in the package was this.

A few weeks ago I wrote about this record and bemoaned only managing to get a black version. I didn't need to worry about it as Mario has secured me this copy, a limited to 100 tour copy of the Mindset Leave No Doubt LP. If that wasn't enough Mario also picked me up a sweet shirt from the tour too.

Now obviously this would have been more than enough but the goodies didn't stop there.

From the same Mindset show Mario also picked me up a copy of the Step Aside Reaching Out 7" with limited weekend cover.

White Vinyl number 42 of 50. I hadn't got round to picking up a normal copy of this let alone a limited one so this was really appreciated.

Lastly was another LP, The Forgotten - Veni Vidi Vici. In the note Mario put in the package he said this was one of his favourite punk bay area records ever and he'd found a copy recently and thought I'd like it. The good thing is I do like it. I'd never heard the band before but they are pretty good and have that Rancid / Harrington Saints etc punk sound I really like. The cover art is great too.

Now I have to try and put something good together for Mario after receiving this. Not because he expects or wants me to but because I want to, because this really was a great load of records to get through the mail. Mario wouldn't even let me help him out with the postage which is pretty damn expensive now. It's times like this though that I'm reminded that even though two people have never met the bond of hardcore music and vinyl collecting can be pretty strong!!


  1. mario = a decent dude, really!

  2. Wow, that's great, what a guy! I'd be happy enough if someone could just tell me where I could buy one colour copy of this LP.

  3. React put some left over clear tour copies in their store a week or so ago Marcus. Might be some left.

  4. Thanks for the shout outs dude and I'm glad you're digging it all! Anything for the blogger crew! But yeah, for reals that Forgotten LP is by far my favorite of all those releases. I grew up on that shit... FISTS UP, BACK AGAINST THE WALL!

  5. Such an good package there J. I've been back to read your blog pretty much every day over the last couple of week and it's inspired me to finally update mine again! I keep buying records and not writing about them.