Sunday, 28 April 2013

Rise And Hell

Here's the three other records I mentioned in my last post, in fact these were the records that had caught my attention in the first place. I bought all four records for a measly £20. I already had these records on CD or on my iTunes so this was a nice cheap way to add them to the record collection. What a score!

So first up Rise And Fall - Into Oblivion

This is a great record, I like Rise And Fall a lot. I first heard of them in around 2005/2006 when I went to see a Converge show. I bumped into a friend before the show who said that he was mainly there to see Rise And Fall (I think he was the only one there singing along to the band), so I was expecting big things. He was right they were awesome and I immediately went and picked up this album on CD.

As is going to be a similar theme with all of these records the artwork and layout to this thing looks awesome. Then again has Jacob Bannon ever done a bad layout?

This is the second press on Deathwish Inc - White and Silver mix of 719. The colour works so well with the rest of the package.

Up next the first of two records by This Is Hell. Misfortunes first

This was the first record I heard from This Is Hell. I actually bought it on CD for my wife as I thought it would be something she would like. She did like it and so did I. A few years later I was in a band that played with these guys which was pretty cool.

I like buying records that I already have the CD of because it almost always makes the artwork look a million times better. I'd not really looked too much at the front of this but now seeing it enlarged it looks awesome.

This is the second pressing red vinyl version of the record of 550.

Last is Sundowning by This Is Hell. This record was actually released before Misfortunes. But I wanted to save this till last as it's the best looking.

All three of these records artwork has been done by Jacob Bannon but this one looks the best. The pictures don't really do it justice at all.

The cover has a sort of embossed feel and design to it too which I've done my best to photo below. Just gives it an extra edge and quality feel.

I know people kinda hate on splatter vinyl and I agree some of it is ugly as hell but the kind that is done in this three colour style I think looks amazing. This reminds me of the Day Of Mourning - Your Futures End and Cold World - No Omega  records that I raved about that had been done in a similar way. 

700 on this colour-way. I love how these records look when held up to the light.


  1. Into Oblivion rules! I have two other versions.

  2. getting records you already had on cd is the top one. ha! ;)