Monday, 29 April 2013

Poison Fingers

A couple of months ago a distro I've bought from a few times was having a clearing out sale, the deal was something like five 7" records for five quid. Obviously though you didn't get to pick the records, but hey, for that price I'd take the risk.
Now, three of the records were kinda Meh! Infact one of them is downright terrible. Another of the records I already had which was typical. But the fifth I was pretty pleased with.

Into Another - Poison Fingers on purple. As I've been (very) slowly trying to add to my Revelation Collection this was a welcome addition. Hell, I'd have paid a fiver for this on its own right?

The purple press is of 300. I already had the standard black press.


  1. YES! Great score! I'd have paid a fiver for this easily, and I already have it. Also, easy to forget that this has a couple of exclusive songs.

  2. Yeah Poison Fingers' a cool score, ain't that 7" just repressed by Rev on clear wax? I only have the Into Another s/t from the vinylnoize giveaway contest...

  3. Sweet score. I hated this band at the time this was released so I never bothered with it. Now I love me some Into Another, but sadly I don't own a single copy of this record.

  4. what are the other records?

    1. The one I already had was the Black Shapes 7" which is a good record, another was a melodic hardcore band called A fire still burns or something and they are ok if not really to my tastes, a god awful band called x27 and another which I forget