Thursday, 25 April 2013


When I wrote about the two Lifetime records I picked up a couple of months ago, I replied in the comments that I needed to pick up the self titled later record too at some point. I only kinda half meant it. I didn't particularly care for the album first time around, it was ok but didn't really grab me like the earlier stuff. A couple of weeks ago though I was scoring some records super cheap and noticed that the guy I was buying from also had the Lifetime record, for £5 how could I refuse?

Listening to this record again I think my initial assessment was spot on, it's alright and is more than adequate melodic hardcore/pop punk but it's definitely missing something. There's probably more pop punk that hardcore for my tastes and with that some of the more interesting aspects of Lifetimes sound has gone. Also gone are the good covers on the 'Jerseys Best Dancers' and 'Hello Bastards' records, look at the cover on this thing...WTF???

I believe this is the blue first pressing of 500. I should probably try and get hold of a copy of the bands debut Background on vinyl too now right?

As I touched on at the beginning of this post, I bought some other records with this, but they can wait till next time.


  1. Never got around to listening to this record.

  2. There was actually a pressing before this on Decaydence/Fueled by Ramen if you were trying to complete the set. Red/250

  3. Oh yeah I knew that chris I meant it was a No Idea Records first pressing