Saturday, 30 March 2013

Razor To Oblivion

A month or so ago I was reading hardcoreshirt and noticed a post about some new merch Black Breath had at their big cartel when something in the bottom corner caught my eye. You can keep your new long sleeve and new joggers I'd just realised that Black Breath had repressed copies of their debut E.P Razor To Oblivion.

I'd not heard this previously, I'd been avoiding it on purpose as the record was long out of print by the time I discovered Black Breath and I wanted to hang on for a repress knowing that with the bands growing popularity one must come sooner rather than later. Glad I did as it's excellent.This band just don't have bad songs, everything they have released I love. They just get the metal hardcore balance right. Black Breath are a metal band make no mistake but they have a hardcore influence that sits nicely in the mix of their music and gives them an edge, they don't shoe horn it in like so many Metal-Core bands to make their tired metal sound more contemporary and 'cool'.

As a band they obviously hit the ground running as the songs on here sound exactly like what comes later on the bands full lengths and just as polished. The cover art on this thing is awesome too. In fact each of Black Breaths releases has a great cover. This picture looks like it comes from some historical piece from the crusades or something.

I haven't had the greatest of luck with mail from the U.S recently though as the one downer to this coming through was that like the Rival Mob record it has a ding to the top right hand corner. It's not that bad though and I can live with it.

This was pressed on Translucent Urine (gold) and black vinyl so obviously I had to go for the gold version. I don't know the numbers or which of the two if either is more limited however and both still seem to be available from the bands big cartel.

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