Saturday, 22 September 2012

Records From Andras

It's a small world isn't it? It's an even smaller record collecting world. I was looking through the buy/sell pages of a forum I frequent recently when I spotted someone selling some things I wanted, so I sent them an email asking how much etc, on their reply I realised that the guy selling was a guy who had emailed me a couple of months previous to say he's read this 'ere blog. Nice little coincidence. Nice guy.

So that's the background. Here's what I picked up from Andras. Let's start with the three records that had initially caught my eye.

Terror - Don't Need Your Help b/w Push It Away

Terror's debut 7" from 2002 on clear vinyl, and it is super clear. I think they were all on clear and 1000 were pressed.
Blue Monday - What's Done is Done

I'd only just bought this record on standard black vinyl when I spotted this one. Hell, if I've got the black version I may as well have the red posi-fest limited to 100 pressing too right?

Most Precious Blood - Do Not Resuscitate

On green marble vinyl

Limited to 350 copies this is number 71

Whilst I was at it I also decided pick up a couple of other things from Andras. Mainly for the hell of it.

Rain On The Parade - Full Speed Ahead

This is the third pressing of the record, I know this because it tells me on the back cover. It's on what I guess is a yellow coloured vinyl.
Question! Do you ever pick a record up just because the kid in you loved that record? I do from time to time.
Biohazard - State Of The World Address
Working from memory this album came out in like '94 right? boy did the 14/15 year old me like this record. I thought it was the shits. I can vividly recall me and my friends of the time acting like tuff guys declaring that we were indeed 'brothers of blood' who were 'down for life'. Sadly we were more five streets from the bus stop than 'five blocks to the subway'. But yeah can't say I've listened to this for a while. This is a promo copy of the LP.
Lastly Andras chucked this into my package
A split 7" between Outlast and Crimethinc that appears to have been given away with a fanzine in '97.
I don't know a lot about it or about either band other than Crimethinc go to great lengths to explain their band name and the subsequent spelling and pronunciation of it on the centre of their side of the record. It's an Orwellian pun don't ya know!


  1. nice biohazard record! it's a shame that the normal version with cover and insert is just black and the coloured promo version just comes in a plastic sleeve.
    love the way how biohazard emphasizes text lines by repeating them and adding a 'motherfucking' - 'five blocks to the subway, i could do that any day, any motherfucking day!' oh yeah ;-)
    the colour of the most precious blood lp looks pretty good!

  2. Yeah that MPB vinyl is a really nice colour

  3. Thanks. I seem to have been picking up some right random stuff recently.

  4. Great pictures from the records,I`m glad you like them!Btw that feebie 7" is the "crimethinc" fanzine "inside front" insert 7" and it has only the band Outlast on it from sweden.

  5. Haha fair enough. I was totally confused by that one. Thanks for clearing it up pal.