Thursday, 20 September 2012

Have Mercy

I've been listening to Mother Of Mercy a fair bit recently after getting their Symptoms Of Existence LP at the steal price of $5 dollars, so I was pretty keen to also pick up their previous album III, which is also great. I was about to buy it from somewhere, I forget where exactly some distro or something maybe, when I happened to check out David from Six Feet Under's personal eBay sales he had up, sure enough he had some previously sold out versions of the album for sale. Seemed like the best place to buy it from - put money straight back into the labels hands.
Anyway, of the versions for sale the one that caught my eye the most was the brown/black swirl version. They were described as 'a bad idea', apparently the colours didn't mix well and the record just looked black. Like the record collecting sicko I am I kinda felt sorry for the thing and decided that's the one I wanted.
Here it is. Just looks black doesn't it? It isn't, there is some definite almost Coca-Cola colour in there but try as I might I couldn't get it to show up in a photo.

The front cover is pretty great and the album it's self is on a gate fold sleeve. Seems like loads of records I've bought recently have been gate fold, what up with that?

This version of the record is limited to 149 (bet they are glad they didn't try this colour mix for more) and sold out during pre orders of the album.
Kinda fitting I have this version of the record really, because the version of Symptoms Of Existence I have is also a colour mix that by Bridge Nine's own admission didn't work either, read about that one here. Must be a Mother Of Mercy curse or something. One thing's for sure though if they don't have a messed up mix for future releases I for one am gonna be pretty pissed off!!

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