Thursday, 27 September 2012

Old stuff and OLDER stuff

Seems I've been posting up a right mixed bag of stuff recently. I don't know why I've been picking up so much random stuff but I have. I wasn't actually going to write about any of these but I was sitting there looking through the newer harder stuff I've bought recently and my eyes went straight to these four records and I just thought Fuck it! Why not.

In my record store day 2012 post I'm sure at the end of it I mentioned not picking up the Sensefield Killed For Less record. I put it back that day as I felt I'd bought enough already. A few weeks ago I was in a record store and finally picked it up.

Good looking Orange vinyl which suits the cover nicely, it's another Revelation reissue I'm pleased to pick up.

So I don't know about you but when I'm in an actual honest to goodness record store rather than buying over the interwebs I tend to get a bit impulsive. So on the same day from the same store I also picked up this

Jawbreaker Unfun. I like Jawbreaker so it's cool to pick up this reissue of their 1990 debut album. Strangely it's promoted on the front as being on 'Jet Black' vinyl, like they chose black as the colour, maybe they did, it certainly is one of the blackest records I've seen. I'd have liked it to be on colour though, maybe the colour of the JAWBREAKER text on the front cover?

Okay so I like Jawbreaker so that wasn't that impulsive granted, but this fucking was.

So yeah I picked up The Stooges 1969 self titled debut. Now here's an admission, might not be that crazy I dunno but truth is I've never really cared for The Stooges, not one bit, maybe I'm too young who knows. I've met people in the past whose eyes have popped out at that sort of talk, but also people like me who are also a bit meh! about them.
However, and this is the thing about actually being in a store with all those lovely records infront of you, something about the record, the look, the packaging, the price, called out to me that day. It really is a nicely packaged record and I figured it's a classic and there must be something I'm missing that other people hear so I bought it.

And you know what, it's alright actually, probably not aged that well, I suspect the follow up Funhouse has aged better but it's a decent listen if the mood takes me and another 'classic' for the collection.

Following day I went to a record fair and bought a record that needs no introduction.

I'd been looking for a cheap clean copy of this to also add to the 'classics' part of my record collection and I found one. I probably hadn't listened to this record for the best part of 15 years, yeah I'd of course heard tracks off it during that time but I was instantly struck by how fresh and ripping most of it still sounds. Say what ya like about the pistols and god knows they are fairly easy to criticise but this is still a barnstormer of an album.

So yeah random shit indeed.


  1. Man, I completely feel the same. I often find myself wanting to buy records in a shop just because they are in my hand... whereas I would never think of buying them online. I think it's just harder to resist buying something that is right in front of you, even if you only slightly want it. Most of the time I have to kind of force myself not to buy stuff that I only vaguely want. Very weird.

    Oh, also, 'Jet Black' is the name of a Jawbreaker song, which is why they emphasised it on that sticker.

  2. Good to know I'm not alone Marcus. Buying from a shop is a completely different experience