Sunday, 16 September 2012

Madball In Chains

Who doesn't love a little Madball? This guy right here loves a blast of the NY boys every now and again and whilst I don't think they've ever quite recaptured Set It Off or Demonstrating My Style they are still a good listen. I felt like they'd completely lost their way in the late 90's and early 2000's and didn't care that much for the stuff they released around that time, but these two more recent records I picked up I really rather like.

2010's Empire first:

Standard black vinyl but what is I believe the German version of the album on a nice looking gatefold sleeve.

I actually bought these records what seems like months ago now but I think a week or so later I also got a copy of this from eBay. Infiltrate The System:

I didn't even notice at the time that the cover is signed by Mackie from the band. Nice little touch though.

This is on grey with black splatter and looks great. This is again on a gatefold sleeve.

The same guy who was selling the signed Madball record was also selling a copy of Wisdom In Chains - Class War and as both were ending for cheap I thought I'd pick this up too. Remember I said I hadn't noticed that the Madball record was signed? This one is signed by the whole band and I didn't notice that either, I'm pretty observant like that. Looks cool enough though and again a nice little extra.

This is on a kind of 'cappuccino' coloured vinyl. Looks fairly good and suits the album artwork colours.


  1. you're right. the gatefold version of madball's empire is the nuclear blast pressing. the u.s. version is out on good fight music on solid red vinyl and a regular sleeve.

  2. I thought you'd know. I almost posed the question to you. Thanks