Friday, 7 September 2012

Beware of Reality

It seems like I've been waiting on these couple of orders from the other side of  the pond for ages, so I was pretty pleased when I got home tonight to see them both waiting for me. I'm pretty sure Mario tipped me off about both of these, hell of a dude!

Anyway the first order was from Back To Back Records and two great releases

Beware - Wont Get The Best Of Me

This is the second press on 'seafoam' green. Limited to 100 copies, my understanding is that these sold out pretty fast.

Face Reality - Strong Survive E.P

This is on a rather good looking solid Red vinyl.. I'm pretty sure when I ordered this it was supposed to be on Orange vinyl, but no way this is Orange, it's about as Red as you can get, maybe they changed it. Limited to 150 copies I believe.

My other order was from Youngblood Records

Face Reality - S/T

I'm not sure what pressing this is or pressing numbers but this Face Reality 7" is also on some good looking colour vinyl. Blue with a hint of marbling in this case.

Give - Flowerhead

When buying the Face Reality record I noticed this on the Youngblood site too. Great record and I hadn't previously had chance to add this orange/gold version of the records to my collection. 120 pressed.
Worthy addition to the Give collection anyway

I've jumped these to the top of my pile to blog about as I'd been waiting a while for them. I've fallen behind recently but the records have been coming in at a steady pace so I'm gonna aim to get another couple of posts done this weekend.


  1. Ah drats beat me to the post!!! Glad you got all these because they are all long gone now! Unfortunately I am still waiting for my Beware copies on green, he never sent them and no replies to my emails yet :( Hopefully he doesn't get all Flatspot records on me. that dude straight took my money and never sent me shit, and paypal is saying they cant help me.

  2. Yeah man I never got my Extermination Comp 7" from Flatspot either...I can't even be bothered to chase it. I sent a couple of emails and got no response, just won't order from them again (clowns). As I got my Beware record I reckon you're pretty safe. Fingers crossed.

  3. Still waiting on my Beware on green as well. Hope to see it soon.