Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fresh Kills

I toyed with not buying this release because I'd already heard or had the tracks on it, and i'd already spent a fair amount on records that week. Then I remembered that this band rule so I slapped my self around the face and quickly headed over to Grave Mistake to order it.

This is Night Birds - Fresh Kills Vol.1 a collection of tracks from the bands 7" and Demo releases. All of this pressing is on black vinyl so I presume to add a limited addition/collectors version of the record Grave Mistake pressed 200 with this obi strip. I think by the time I came to order this, granted I think still on the first day, there were only a handful left.

The obi adds a little something I guess and looks decent against the black and white cover.
I really dig this band and could listen to this collection of songs as much as the awesome The Other Side Of Darkness LP they put out last year. They just don't really have a bad song.
 When I blogged about the TOSOD LP I mentioned that the centre label for some reason looked really good. Same can be said again here, the simple silver and black looks really good with the black vinyl (unlike my hand, I have a real problem taking pics of black vinyl).

I could do with adding the Killer Waves 7" to the collection but I haven't seen it anywhere for sale.

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