Monday, 10 September 2012

Eleven Random Records

I'm gonna take the easy way out and once again do a post with a load of random 7"s all together. There's just nothing remarkable about any of these to really warrant taking the time to do individual posts. Not to say they aren't decent records of course, but I've got other stuff to get posted up here that I'm more excited about.
It's all so random I actually don't know where to start. Let's kick off with two from Revelation Records.

Sick Of It All - S/T. The 1997 repress.

Texas Is The Reason - S/T. One of the better bands from that era of Rev releases for me.

Next some more recent Sick Of It All. Death To Tyrants on clear, with a nice little etched Alleyway Crew dragon on the front. I think clear was the most common pressing of this.

Off! - Compared To What b/w Rotten Apple. This is on some proper heavy duty vinyl.
On to two releases I got from Commitment Records UK. First I finally got round to checking out and buying Losin' It - Danger Zone that I saw Mario raving about on his blog.
Whilst picking that up I also bagged this compilation featuring bands like xCurraheex, Enough and Step Aside. Youth Crew 2012 from Positive and Focused Records. The centre labels pretty amusing. I don't know why i didn't pick up Provider - Wasteland whilst i was getting these as I've been meaning to buy it.
 So next on to 3 records I bought for 30p a piece...30p!! Can't even buy a chocolate bar for 30p these days, that's value folks!!!
Breaker Breaker - Demo
Blue Monday - What's Done Is Done 

The Damage Done - Never Wash Away on blue / 500.

And finally two old releases, one because I was talking to someone about this band but couldn't actually remember what they sounded like. Onion - S/T on Crisis
Billingsgate - Reach Out. What a weird looking band, I can only think these guys got together because they were the only guys who could play instruments in their town, I don't think I've ever seen a band so mismatched in the looks/style department. And don't get me started on the guy smoking a cigarette on the front. Weird.


  1. I just got that Billingsgate 7" recently. Did you notice the Out Crowd 7" band picture? It reminds me the the Billingsgate cover.... also, Losin it has a full length coming out 1/1/13, Stoked!

  2. Can't say I did notice the Out Crowd picture. Thanks for the Losin' It info, quality band