Saturday, 29 September 2012

Never cross a black cat with a Gypsy and the Out Crowd

Impulsive purchases, I talked about it a little in my last post. Well here's another one. Gypsy - Giant's Despair is my surprise record of the year, I just keep going back to it. It's just a great record that kinda suits any musical mood I'm in, so if I'm pondering what to listen to and don't instantly decide I tend just to reach for that record. I've always been a tad miffed that I joined the party late on them and missed out on some of the slightly more limited pressings. So when Six Feet Under posted up some left over records from the This Is Hardcore fest I instinctively bought one of the Giant's Despair versions.

Now the impulsive part to this is that this version is only really different because of the TIH stamp on the inner sleeve. Also, it's again on the same white vinyl I bought previously. However it's still a rare version of a great LP. Limited to 50 copies and I'm still strangely pleased with it.

 Less impulsive was a TIH version of a record I'd been meaning to buy the standard version of. Wrong Answer - Cross A Black Cats Path.

This is a cracking release and as I was waiting to buy the normal version anyway I picked up this version which has a different limited cover and also as per the Gypsy record a TIH stamp on the back.

It's again limited to 50 copies and is on what is usually described as Coke bottle clear vinyl.

I seem to have written about this band loads on this blog but in reality I think it's only twice. Six Feet Under also had a copy of the Out Crowd / Written Off split release from 2011.

So I think this is the third release I have from Out Crowd and they are a crackingly consistent band, I like all their stuff. Written Off are a band I've not heard anything by previously but they are also good. This was released by Like Glue Records and Iron Mind Crew Records.

This is the red pressing of the record, no idea of numbers though.

I think I'm only missing Out Crowd's 7" demo now, I should track that down really.


  1. I was thinking about buying these, but I hesitated because six feet under keeps fucking me on every order somehow. I love the wrong answer cover!!

  2. Yeah it's sweet man. I'm really surprised by that as I find them to be one of the better labels, they haven't messed an order up yet and they get my shit to the UK quick enough.