Saturday, 1 February 2014

A Test Of Survival

I wrote about Survival and their ace Spirit Unchained release at least three times in 2013, I was a big old fan of that 7" on Carry The Weight Records. So, when the chance came recently to add a test press to the regular copies I had I jumped on it.

Survival - Spirit Unchained Test Press

Here it is, there's not a huge amount to look at in truth. Clear vinyl with plain white labels. Inspired by Marcus I took a picture of it again with the regular cover just to make it look a bit more pleasing on the eye.

To round things off I took a picture of the test alongside the other copies I have of this record. First press on Red, Second press on Pink and Third press on Blue. I had zero desire to collect the other colours from the different pressings previously but suddenly I feel like I should try to pick them up.

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