Sunday, 2 February 2014

Pressure To Succeed

Represses are always a bone of contention on the most part. Usually I don't get sucked into collecting them all unless it's a record I really like and goddamn I like this record.

Turnstile - Pressure To Succeed

In this instance at least Reaper Records went to the trouble of changing the covers and labels and not just the vinyl colour so it at least feels like I'm getting a completely different record. This is the Blue vinyl of the Pressure To Succeed repress (a different colour blue to the first press) of 300.

This is the Orange vinyl of 700. I'm not sure what I think about the new covers, I think I prefer the original blue ones although the pre-order cover is still my favourite.

And the Clear vinyl of 1000. As mentioned, Reaper did change the centre labels as you can see, which is cool and gives the record a different feel visually. The back of the labels now has this picture.

I'm just missing the test press still of this release after Tino helped me get hold of the release show cover version last year, but as there's only 10 I don't hold much hope of ever getting one. Anyway here's what a near complete collection looks like. That Green cover version is still the most limited of the regular release copies, although I have noticed the amount has changed a few times on the Reaper site, it did say 132 for a time which is I think more than it was originally quoted at and it's now changed to 200. Any ideas on that one Willem?


  1. with the new b-side labels looks like they wanted to copy the jump from the cover. funny idea. yeah, brendan is a real show-off :)

  2. I've got a shirt of the man jumping over the other man...

    Yeah they kinda f*cked up on the pressing info on the first 7inch... Also there is no blue second press.

  3. The blue is the first press and the second black Willem??

  4. Yes indeed Jake, all black vinyl copies are second press. Also you do not have the most limited cover and me neither. Because they also pressed a green cover variant with on it; "Collectors Suck" ... This seems to be the rarest version and nowhere to be found...

  5. Yes, really! Limited to 37 copies! I'm looking for that one...

  6. here's the one I'm talking about Jake!

    I've succeeded in finding one!