Sunday, 16 February 2014

Caught In A Crowd

I've been sat on this for a while now, in fact I have a pile of 7" records that is getting bigger and bigger. I need to make a serious blogging dent in it ASAP. Anyway React Records smash it again!

Caught In A Crowd - The Fight

I wanted a piece of this record as soon as it came out after hearing it but I just couldn't be bothered to order it from the states at the time. I think it's because I'd missed out on the first 7" from the band despite being told by at least 3 people to jump on it. So I just waited till one turned up in a UK distro and finally it did right at the beginning of the new year. Obviously it means I only got a black version out of 400 but that's OK. Mike's got a nice little collection of the record here if your interested in the other colours. Great Straight-Edge record! The sleeve and record look nice and sleek and classic too.

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  1. Amazing record!!! I couldn't stop listening to it when I first got it.