Sunday, 9 February 2014

Lost In Life

You may recall back in December I wrote about the Can't Escape single from Backtrack that was acting as a taster for their new LP that would be to follow in January. If you bought both colours of the 7" then you would be able to pre-order the new LP earlier than most, thus allowing you to pick up the most rare variant. Such was the demand though I still missed out on the Clear w/Circle Swatches of 300! Bummer!

Backtrack - Lost in Life

What I ended up with was the Half White / Half Blue version of 700. This still looks awesome so I'm certainly not too unhappy. The first press also saw a Olive Green press of 1000 which oddly seems to have sold out before the half and half version. I remember this happening with the Expire release on Bridge Nine too, I suspect it's because the Olive Green is the version the distros got?

The artwork once again comes from Spoiler and carries on the same theme as the first record Darker Half. I have to admit to being slightly torn on it. Most I know love the continuation, but for me it's just a tad too similar to Darker Half. I know that's the point of course but I dunno, on it's own it looks great but I think I'd just have liked to see it look a bit different.

I do love how the song titles have been done on the back though as a graffiti piece. Looks really cool. And what of the music? Well it's more of the same from Backtrack that made Darker Half such a favourite of mine and they've probably even managed to ramp it up a notch on this record. Time will tell as I'm not as familiar with this record yet but it might even be better than their debut it's that good. In fact to echo Mario January could have already seen my record of 2014.

Mine also came with this poster which was a nice addition. There's also already a second press of this just dropped on a great looking Green in Highlighter Yellow (basically it's bright as fuck!) of 1000, which I'll probably pick up. It's a shame they haven't changed some of the colours on the front though like they did with the Darker Half different presses. Anyway, Backtrack have set the Gauntlet with this one, will it be bettered this year?


  1. Looking good this one... Reaper set the trend, and B9 respects this as there are obviously two very similarly looking colors pressed for Reaper's LP, namely the olive green (stays olive green) and the black/white (became blue/white)...

    Olive green is for distros? Probably yes, distro's get the most common color. But there are exceptions for sure.

    1. PS: Also the cover is very similar, same designer!

  2. Hey Willem, Yeah I know it's the same designer buddy.

  3. The more I listen to this record, the more I love it... However, I think by now I've decided that I still prefer "Darker Half". This is damn close though!