Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Me + You = Youth Crew

My homies over at the UK's premier label for all things awesome in music Speedowax Records got involved with this years Youth Crew compilation. Sweet!

Youth Crew 2014

I've got a few of these compilations now from different years and they are always excellent. This years is no exception at all with bands like Clean Break and Clearsight weighing in with fine efforts. This is the clear vinyl version of the record out of 125. Whilst this years version keeps up the theme of the record covers, I like this years more than the last few years as it's slightly less cartoony.

Whilst I'm at it I also picked this up a few weeks ago for next to nothing and it seems an ideal time to post it up.

Youth Crew '08

I didn't have this one (the first in the series) and I scored it for like 99p. What's not to love? Especially as '08 features Mindset, True Colors and Times Together amongst the contributing bands. This is the yellow vinyl version out of 250.


  1. I really should get this while I have a chance, huh.

  2. Yeah its an ace comp speedowax threw in some free 7" in to