Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Wolverine Blues

One of my favourite metal records ever recently got the repress treatment courtesy of Earache Records and their FDR series.

Entombed - Wolverine Blues

When this record came out in 1993 I remember pretty much everyone I knew that was even remotely into alternative music was digging on this record. It's hard to remember back to how this sounded to peoples ears back then, but it was so different to the usual metal sound it transcended a few different genres, it sounded modern and unlike most things that had come before it with it's rock n roll swagger and bluesy groove. I think this record was as influential as Sepultura's Chaos Ad that came out in the same year but gets far less credit. Listening to it again today this still stomps!!

This is the Green version of the record which I think is exclusive to Amazon and limited to 200. For years I had this record on a copied tape and it seems my mate that recorded it for me had done his own mix, so for years I thought the record kicked off with Out Of Hand before going into Wolverine Blues, when I bought the CD years later I was surprised not to hear the 'I am Jesus Christ...' at the beginning of the record. I don't think that could happen in 2014.
I still think he was on to something with that track listing too!

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