Friday, 31 January 2014

Triple Triple BBB

Here's three records I picked up from Triple-BBB a little while ago. I'd been meaning to pick them all up sooner but for some reason just didn't get round to it for a while.

Clear - Demo

First up the 2nd Pressing of the Clear 7" from 2012 on Clear Yellow of 400. I'd had this on my iTunes for ages but this is the first time I've gotten round to picking a copy of the record up.

Rude Awakening - The Awakening

I picked up a copy of Rude Awakenings The Awakening off the back of their side of the split with Death Threat, I liked what they did on that a lot and felt compelled to get a physical copy of this record. This is the second press on Clear Orange again out of 400.

Friend Or Foe - Outsider

And finally Friend Or Foe - Outsider. First pressing this time round on Clear Orange out of 500.

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  1. i said the same thing on mario's blog and i still think the rude awakening 2nd press cover looks better than the first press that i have. nice score!