Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Hectic In A '69 Newport

Most of you think like me I'm sure. We're simple folk right? Recently an Operation Ivy track came on whilst I was listening to my iPod and it occurred to me (read panicked) that I didn't have much Op Ivy on wax. I immediately hunted some down and found two 7"s being sold by the same seller. I won them and everything was right with the world.

Operation Ivy - Hectic E.P

Truth be told I've never been the biggest ska punk fan in the world, sure I likes me some Clash, The Specials, Rancid, Suicide Machines etc but then again that's like people who don't really like metal having a Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden record right? Anyway, I have always liked Operation Ivy, they were a fine band. The first record I found was the Hectic E.P on Lookout Records. I believe this is an original 1988 press of the record on black vinyl with the booklet included. The booklets a nice touch actually, with pictures and song explanations and the like.

Operation Ivy - '69 Newport

I also got a copy of the '69 Newport single on red vinyl. I must admit I'm not entirely sure if this single was a proper release or not, I don't think it was, I believe it's a bootleg or something. What I do know is that it has two tracks on it that I didn't previously have (on the compilation LP of the Hectic E.P and the Energy LP), so it's a big win in my book.


  1. Love Op Ivy, been loving them since I was little! And apparently I'm a huge poser because I have never heard of or seen that 69 newport bootleg... That's awesome, I've never even heard those songs! What a great find!

  2. Sorry, but your Hectic 7" isn't a first press. The first press has the Laytonville address and is numbered on the back cover. Yours has the Berkeley address. Also, the 69 Newport 7" is a bootleg. However, the first press was black vinyl only and has picture labels. The colour vinyl blank label copies are from many years later and are effectively a bootleg of a bootleg...

  3. Thanks Marcus. Great info. I'm not too fussed about original presses truth be told, was just going on the info I found on discogs as the matrix numbers matched that of the first press.