Sunday, 5 January 2014


Another post and another mention of Marcus' Endless Quest Blog ,as it was there that I first heard of this band Ancient VVisdom. Marcus wrote about the band and catching them live way back in April 2012 and I was intrigued to check them out. I liked what I heard and then, as is often the case, didn't actually get round to buying anything by them until a few weeks ago.

Ancient VVisdom - Deathlike

I was searching eBay just putting in random bands to see what came up when I entered Ancient VVisdom and their latest LP Deathlike appeared, it had no bids so I stuck in a maximum I wanted to pay and waited. It turned out nobody else bid and I got this at a super cheap price.
I actually didn't realise until after I'd won the auction that this is the rarest colour the record was released on too. This is the Clear with Black Smoke version limited to just 90 copies. It suits the theme of the record and layout of the sleeve really well.
I like this record alot and Ancient VVisdom have such a great and unique sound. Kind of melodic acoustic doom is my best attempt to describe it although granted that doesn't give too much away as to how interesting and catchy this band are. I need to get a copy of the bands previous offering A Godlike Inferno now.
How the record actually looks!


  1. Maaaaan! I had a spare of the first LP that I sold about a month ago. It's much better (in my opinion). Good luck in finding one. Shouldn't be too tough (or expensive)!