Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Camel Clutch

Do you ever decide you don't like a band without hearing them? I do it all the time, although I probably do it less these days, I've had it bite me on the ass too many times over the years. It happened again recently. I'd decided I didn't like Iron Chic, I don't know why, I suspect it had something to do with their name and the artwork they use on their releases but what ever it was I didn't like them. No sir! Then one day recently I was at a friends place and some music was playing, a song came on that I was nodding my head to, I should have stayed quiet but I had to ask who it was didn't I? "Iron Chic" came the reply. Fuck!!

Iron Chic - The Constant One

So obviously I was then forced to check out the bands latest album online. Yep, annoyingly I liked it. I searched out a trusty UK distro that carried the release and just like that I'd just purchased an Iron Chic record. I still don't much care for the bands name or artwork but when the music is this infectious who gives a rats ass right?

Being stylishly late to the party I of course picked up the most common of the first press of the record. This nice looking half Orange / half Blue is out of 1000.

I now need to get stuck into the bands earlier releases too. I'd like to tell you that I've learnt from this experience and I wont be so hasty to dismiss bands in the future but after all these years I'm sure I'll be writing another similar post again before too long!


  1. man jake, you took the words right out of my mouth. i didn't like so many bands in the past, that i'm playing constant catch up. my latest example is pulling teeth. i may check iron chic too. i like your new background pic. 'jane doe' is available on a new presing right now. blue vinyl.

  2. I just got bored of that background as it had been the same since I started the blog. I wanted a pic of a turntable and that one I'd taken with my Jane Doe slipmat was the only one I had to hand. Pulling teeth are great incidentally

  3. Ha took the words out of my mouth for my posting of the first Iron Chic record. I wanted to hate this band so much, but I was glad they proved me wrong.

  4. That is exactly written down Jake! Exactly what passes through our heads daily! Cool to see people have the ability to be aware of that and even more be capable of writing it down!