Sunday, 29 July 2012

Reaper Round Up

I've had Turnstiles - Pressure To Succeed 7" first pressing on blue vinyl for quite a while now and it's a record I just don't get bored of. It's a hell of an impressive debut, I like it alot. So when I read on Mikes blog that a second pressing had been released by Reaper Records on the far less exciting black vinyl I knew I wanted a copy of that version too. I didn't even know it had been re-pressed, I just can't keep up sometimes.

Anyway here they both are. 830 on Blue and 300 on Black:

So in order to once again make a dent in my own back log - whilst in the Reaper webstore I also picked up some other releases by them that I didn't have.

S.O.S - I owe you nothing. I actually did have this but on CD, which I sold so I had to pick up a vinyl copy. Black and Gold Mix of 450.

Naysayer - No Remorse. This is the second press on red of 980. It has the familiar Reaper Records centre that a few other releases by them also use, such as Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold.

Terror - Rhythm Amongst The Chaos. Which has some sweet packaging.

and Death Threat - Lost At Sea. Blue Vinyl of 980.


  1. that naysayer looks interesting (the name alone is great :) i'll check that out.
    the terror 7" is class a!

    1. Yeah it should be right up your street tino. Have a listen.