Sunday, 29 July 2012

Internal Affairs

Here's another recent ebay pick up. Internal Affairs - Deadly Visions.

This is the record release version that caught my eye and sold really cheaply which I was surprised about. I mean I didn't expect it to sell for a fortune but we're talking a few pounds including postage. It's always the way though, stuff I think will creep up in price doesn't and things I think I've nabbed at a steal with minutes to go because no-one else has spotted or interested in suddenly rockets up.

On yellow vinyl and obviously has a different cover to the normal release. This is number 169 of 230.


  1. Pretty much the only IA record I don't own in any format. I won this same version of this record on eBay a couple of years ago, but ended up never getting it. I don't even think I got ripped off. I just won & never paid. Dude never sent me an invoice though. Ah well..

  2. Haha that's some half assed ebaying all round there sir. Surprised you don't have it though, if you need to complete your IA set you know where to find one!