Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bear Trap

A second post today working my way through the back log (very slowly) . Here's another record I got recently, Beartrap's -Nailed Shut 7".

This is the Euro Press Tour version of the record limited to 50. It has a different screen printed cover to the regular release as is the way with many limited tour pressings. It looks good too although again my photos aren't given it the due justice. The silver on black looks good though.
The Massachusetts based mob play frantic, brooding, spazzy metallic hardcore. It's up in the grindcore end of the spectrum but I'd say it's a little more listener friendly than most grind core. To give an idea of how frantic this is, there appears to be about 16 tracks on offer here, but with how they are jammed together and most of them lasting just seconds you'd never know. I like it though.

Two of the tracks from it can be found here http://beartrap.bandcamp.com/album/nailed-shut

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