Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Double Fire & Ice

The debut LP from Fire & Ice that dropped earlier this year is a bit of a stomper and I reckon it is definitely gonna end up on more than a few 2012 'best of's'.

With that in mind, I've scored some nice stuff recently from a forum I occasionally post on that has a buy/sell/trade section. Dudes have been getting rid of some real gems. This week I looked at a guys list and these two 7"s jumped out straight away as I didn't have them. I emailed the guy and he said someone had offered £9 for the two but if I give him £10 they were mine. Well, this was cheaper than I'd have offered and I'm a fair guy so I suggested £12 (inc postage) to make it worth his while. DEAL..SCORE!

2009's Gods & Devils on Blue vinyl (400). That title track is a JAM!

Also on BBB 2010's follow up Grim on Clear Orange vinyl (200)


  1. I guess it must be national 'blog about Fire & Ice records' day :o)

  2. Damn! I need that Grim on gold!

  3. That blue vinyl looks really sweet. And for such tacky cover art on Gods and Devils, I really like it for some reason.