Monday, 23 July 2012

For The Sake Of Time...

...I'm gonna post up some recent 7" scores all at once. I've bought loads of stuff recently and I'm never gonna get through it unless I start grouping some stuff together. I mean I bought some Rev represses what seems like ages ago now and I still haven't posted anything up about them.

First up Sectarian Violence S/T

But no ordinary S/T release, this is the U.S Tour Version of the record

Limited to 100. I spotted this announced somewhere that the band had some left overs on their big cartel and struck fast as I was about to buy the regular version anyway. I like this band.

Next a related release as both bands feature Nicktape on vocals. Coke Bust - Live On WMVC. Released on Carry The Weight Records. This is the brown version limited to 150 copies.

Next up Cornered a band I first heard on their split with Cold Snap. Released by Carry The Weight also. This is the blue with white splatter version of 200.

I was impressed by Cornered so picked up their charmingly titled FUCK OFF! 7"on 6131 Records. This is good too, fast as hell, brutal, heavy ass hardcore.

Lastly whilst picking up the Cornered release and some other stuff I picked up Bracewar - Whatever It Takes Demo too. I'd had a download of this but not a physical copy so got the clear version limited to 300.

That's made a small dent in the stuff I still need to write about at least.


  1. impressive haul!!!! Dude, Cornered is fucking sick!! I need to get that blue vinyl copy!

  2. That SV record is awesome. I picked up an original pressing a while back from Pulling Pulse's distro. By the way, I've put a link to your blog on mine, to repay the favour.

  3. Nice one James. You've mentioned a few distros on your blog I hadn't previously checked out and that's another one.

  4. Yeah, I keep coming across new distros, although Pulling Pulse is now a label in it's own right and I think it's changed it's name do Invektiv Records. They also put shows on in Leeds.