Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bridge Nine lot

I'd been meaning to pick up this record for ages. I'd had it on my iTunes for quite some time and like it a lot but for some reason I just kept stalling on pulling the trigger. No idea why, I've spent money, more money even on stuff I like less, just something about the price I kept seeing it for. Anyway when I saw that Bridge Nine had it on their web store for $5 I knew my patience had paid off.

Mother Of Mercys - Symptoms Of Existence LP. This is the Black/Gray/Blue Swirl Vinyl limited to 700. There is also a Black and White swirl version (1000) but I think the pressing plant messed up as the two colours are so similar Bridge Nine had to put a blue Mother of Mercy stamp on the record inner sleeve to differentiate between the two. Good record anyway and at that price it's a STEAL!

Whilst buying this I also noticed Bridge Nine had a special '4 for $20' deal on that weekend. 4 LP's sadly of their choice for $20. Well that sounds like a deal to me and I needed to make the postage worthwhile so I added the deal to my cart eager to see what would show up.

First record I pulled out was this. Death Before Dishonors - Better Ways To Die. Again this was an LP I had on my iTunes and liked but didn't have on Vinyl so I was pretty pleased with it. This is the 2nd press on red limited to 500.

Next. Bridge Nines Summer Compilation from 2009. Meh! The record looks nice and there is some good bands on it but it's a compilation at the end of the day.

DYS - More Than Fashion: Live From the Gallery East Reunion. It's DYS it's limited to 300. I didn't previously have it. Decent Result.

And finally. Polar Bear Club - The Redder, The Better. Bit cheeky this one as it's not an LP it's an EP, it only has 5 songs. Nice glossed and embossed cover though. I haven't listened to it yet and can't remember if I like Polar Bear Club or not.

So yeah not bad for $20. A lot of the better stuff on Bridge Nine I already have as I'm fans of the bands in question and the worst case scenario was that they sent me 4 records I already had. \luckily they didn't. As usual Bridge Nine threw in stickers and a free CD too so they get my thumbs up regardless.

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  1. Hi, it's James here from This Ain't No Fetish! Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope the pressing info I've put down is accurate. I'll make sure I check out your site too and I'll return the favour with a link on my blog. Thanks. James.