Monday, 7 October 2013

The Unwavering Spirit Of Sound and Fury

When I started writing this blog last year, it was almost entirely down to wanting to do something creative now and again and enjoying on an almost daily basis, the already established record blogs I was reading. As a great aside to this I've been able to have conversations with some truly awesome people who either just read my blog or write blogs themselves. Some of the guys who are part of this little community are some of the most outstanding dudes I've ever met (or chatted to via email and the like as the case may be here). Chris over at Unwavering Spirit (check out his blog if you haven't already) is one such dude. He emailed me not long ago saying he had something he thought I'd like and could he have my address. I obliged and a short time later these landed on my doormat.

6131 Records Sound & Fury 2011 Covers Set

Man, who doesn't love mystery mail? Chris had sent me through the 6131 records set of five releases with a special 2011 Sound & Fury fest cover. He was quite right of course, I do like these especially as I had all but one of the records with the standard cover so it's always nice to get a more limited version of any record you already have. So first in the set is the Minority Unit Demo.

All the records are numbered out of 50 and all of these are numbered 24 so I'm presuming they were sold as a set rather than individually? Also in the set is:

Swamp Thing - Self Titled

FocusedxMinds - Stay Focused

Hardside - Crucified

Cornered - Fuck Off

A great little collection that I'm more than happy to have in my collection. So thanks again Chris for the unexpected hook up!!

I really need to start taking photos with a digital camera rather than my phone, my pictures of these lovely slabs of wax have been weak for far too long. Next post maybe....honest!

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