Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Covers Not Comin Correct

There's music fans and then there's those of us that take our shit a little more serious. I've always been a massive music geek and I've always collected music in some form or other and generally spent way too much time thinking about aspects of it that most average music fans don't. I've spent many a bored bus/train ride, meeting, sleepless night, compiling top ten lists of all sorts of shit - ten best 80's hardcore records, ten best metal guitar riffs, ten favourite albums of all time, ten favourite non hardcore albums of all time, ten favourite non rock albums of all time, ten favourite.....well you get the idea. I've even put together the odd super group in my head, yeah I've got too much time on my hands.

Recently, on the heels of a post I did about my favourite album cover I was thinking about some of the worst album covers out there. There's some absolute horrors believe me, which lead me to thinking of the worst record cover on a record I own. I reckon it's this one...

Comin Correct - One Scene Unity

1998's One Scene Unity from Rick Ta Lifes side project Comin Correct. Look at it, you can see what they are going for, the fist of justice, a main stay in hardcore imagery for sure. The blood beneath showing the remnants of ones enemies. But really, look at it!!! It looks like a marigold rubber glove cleaning up ketchup. I mean it doesn't even look like a real hand, it looks like a prosthetic limb although I'm assured it is real by this on the Goodlife website (a label I really love) ' This is MY fist, I had to put it on the scanner for about 20 minutes straight, fuck my hand hurt !!!'

And don't get me started on the 'blood' or the graffiti script on the hand (granted it's '98 so maybe the text can be excused). It's a horrific cover. What's even more shocking is that this is the European version released by Goodlife Recordings, the U.S version on Triple Crown swaps the black background for a kind of balsa wood affair and looks even worse.

My version saves it's self slightly by being on coloured vinyl. Listed as 'Crème' for some reason, this is on purple with some black smudges. Can anyone think of a record cover worse? Let me know

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  1. This cover is hilarious. That "blood" has to make it one of the cheesiest covers ever.