Saturday, 5 October 2013

Demo Corner

I like Cornered a lot, I have a couple of the bands other 7" releases and I've always been impressed by what I've heard. What seems like forever ago now I picked up a copy of the bands Demo 2009 release on Crucial Attack.

Cornered - Demo 2009

The stuff on show here is also first grade and I was soon banging my head and pointing my finger in my living room whilst listening to this - some times I must look like a proper idiot haha.

I did have some trouble with the pressing info for this one though. I can find info on the black pre-order version and the standard orange pressing but not the standard black pressing. Any ideas?



  1. I've got a copy of Fuck Off! with the Sound & Fury Cover out of 50 if you're interested?

  2. See my next post. Thanks for the offer though bud

  3. Killer demo!

    I think it was:
    100 on orange with a positive sleeve
    400 on black with a positive sleeve (your copy)
    50 on black with a negative (pre-release) sleeve
    50 on black with a RecordStoreDay sleeve

    I will take some pictures later tonight.