Sunday, 20 October 2013

Modern Life has Buried Me

So record collector / record blogger logic here. You walk into a record shop with some cash in your pocket and don't find a huge amount you want, you still have to leave with a record right?? So if you have cash in your pocket, don't find a huge amount you want BUT also have a loyalty card for said shop that involves some discount, well that means you have to leave with two records right? Yep that's definitely the record collector maths. Knew you guys would be with me on this one.

That's how it was a few weeks ago when I picked up these two records. I'd really enjoyed the Between The Buried And Me debut I'd picked up a while ago so thought it only right I also add the follow up to the collection.

Between The Buried And Me - The Silent Circus

This record originally came out in 2003 but this is a 2011 repress of the album from Victory Records. On double LP this is I believe what the pressing info calls the 'Peach' colour variant. I dunno how apt that is though, looks more like 'gobstopper' to me.

I hadn't listened to this band for years till recently but I've definitely enjoyed these records with this second one being the better of the two. I've never heard anything past the next record Alaska but I might have a listen to some of the later stuff now.

The gatefold packaging looks nice. Victory have done a decent job of these reissues, which is good as I have another on the way from them I'm quite looking forward to.

Modern Life Is War - Fever Hunting

I honestly had no intention of buying this record. I liked Modern Life Is War's three albums first time round don't get me wrong, especially Witness, but it had been around 6 years since their last release and something just told me that this record would be terrible. I read a few reviews to the contrary of course but dismissed it still. Of course, that afternoon when it was in front of me I just thought "Fuck It" and picked it up regardless.

In actual fact Modern Life Is War haven't missed a beat in the years they've been away and the chants of 'Old Fears, New Frontiers' that bring this record crashing in set the tone for a good comeback record and a pretty natural follow up to Midnight In America.

The record it's self comes on this Olive green colour vinyl. It's not exactly limited though (that's what happens when you dismiss a record early) with 3500 copies on this colour. The record must have sold well though as Deathwish are now onto a second pressing.

The record also comes with a full size booklet with the lyrics to each song taking up a double page. Like it, more records should have these.


  1. I like MLIW, but I couldn't care less about MLIW. They are one of those weird bands that while I enjoy them, I wouldn't bat an eye if I never listened to them again...okay, I may make an exception for that Midnight in America album...that shit was actually quite good. I've even downloaded the new album, and while I like it, I've only bothered to listen to it twice over the past month...yet, I'll probably still buy the vinyl at some point because I'm stupid like that.

  2. 'Probably still buy the vinyl' hah why lie to yourself Mike

  3. record collector logic = unbeatable!

  4. you mean, you got another between the buried and me re-issue or another victory re-issue?

  5. I think I was referring to the Deadguy record that was on its way