Sunday, 3 February 2013

All We Love We Weeded Out

When Converge's new album All We Love We Leave Behind was first announced I didn't buy it. I love Converge but I was really put off with the price that coupled with the shipping costs from Deathwish made this thing pretty expensive. So I sat back and waited, and I'm fairly pleased I did, mainly because although the the album came out in October the vinyl copies of this where put back until around the end of 2012. This had something to do with the pressing plant working on a Beatles box set as priority or something like that. So now I've finally picked one up from Banquet Records I don't feel too bad about not ordering straight away.

As always with Converge and their packaging and artwork this thing is top notch, the pictures don't do justice to how nice this looks. On heavy thick matte black card with what is like an almost embossed silver print of that familiar looking Jacob Bannon artwork.

The only thing I missed out on really was a more limited pressing. But this transparent double red 45 rpm vinyl looks nice regardless. I'm not sure of numbers but I suspect this is the most common of the first press so I dare say there are a shed load on this colour.

The record it's self is a natural progression from Axe To Fall and is excellent as always. Converge just don't do bad records in my eyes. Don't get me wrong I prefer the sound of Jane Doe to this and Axe To Fall (who doesn't) but the progression through You Fail Me and No Heroes has at least been a natural one. I can't help but feel though that tracks like opener Aimless Arrow, as good as it is, do miss a bit of that old Converge venom with this more shouted Jacob Bannon vocal style. This album has a couple of bluesy style riffs introduced to the Converge sound too which I suspect may play a bigger part in the bands future sound.

Whilst I'm posting this up i figure I might as well get another Converge record up that I purchased the other day too. On that record store shop I talked about in that Orange Goblin post, I also bought Unloved and Weeded out as I didn't have it on vinyl previously and it was fairly cheap. I got the Opaque Green version which is 'limited' to 2057.


  1. I love the colorscheme of inside of the gatefold of "All We Love... " a lot!