Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cherry Cola Champions

I've been listening to some 90's emo recently (you know back when emo meant emotional-hardcore) and I know Speedowax are reissuing the debut Spy vs Spy EP on vinyl soon which I'm pretty excited about as I loved that first time round. Anyway, in my quest to find something modern similar to those 90's emo bands I stumbled across this record. Cherry Cola Champions.

I bought this record off the description alone without bothering to listen to the band, which I suppose is quite risky but as it turns out I think this is great, so it's all worked out well. It's off-kilter, angular, jazzy, emo and has that great lo-fi sound that alot of emo albums had at that time too. Throw in some Indiana Jones references and you bet your ass I'm in.
The album actually came out in early to mid 2012. I picked it up at the beginning of this year from what I believe is the only UK distro to have it Close To Home Records. On a side note they also threw in some cd freebies, which was mighty generous of them.

I got the 'cherry cola' version of the vinyl mainly because it seemed the most apt but also because It looked the best. The record also comes on coke bottle clear (of course) and a nice looking 2-Toned Quad Split too though. I haven't seen any pressing numbers anywhere so no idea which is rarest or what number mine is out of.

If anyone knows the pressing numbers for this let me know as I'd be interested to find out. I'm really hoping theres more to come from the two guys that make up Cherry Cola Champions. Bands of this ilk always seem to be quite short lived and gone in a flash, hopefully these guys will stick around for a bit.

* thanks to the band themselves I now know the pressing details are as follows
( 200 cherry cola, 200 empty bottle, 100 4/quadrant gold, red, and magenta)


  1. what's the indiana jones reference? i love the movies!

  2. Three of the song titles reference Indy - 'I hate snakes chuck', 'they're digging in the wrong place' and 'who acts like ravenwood, Marian?'

  3. Speedowax are releasing so much stuff this year. I've just ordered their first four releases of this yes and I ordered the package they have up which includes all of their 7"s from 2012! That's a lot of music.

  4. @jake: man, i don't think i would have recognized "they're digging in the wrong place" as a indy reference. you watched those movies pretty often, huh? ;-) but that's just a proof of good taste, haha