Monday, 11 February 2013

The Darker Half Again

I love this Backtrack record. It's probably my favourite hardcore record of the last 10 years. A bold statement I know but I just think this band are fantastic. Anyway, as much as I like this record I had no real intention to buy what seemed like a pretty standard second pressing of the record. That is until I saw Willems post about it. I'm not gonna go into all the differences between the two records here as he already does a stand up job of covering them and you can read his post here to check them out. But needless to say there's enough to make me think a purchase of the second press was more than warranted.

Luckily for me with the way shipping prices are these days I was able to pick this up from a really good UK distro too gothedistance. Which is well worth a look.
This second press is on what Reaper Records seem to be calling Purple and Silver vinyl. I have a couple of records that have similar colouring to this and I always think it looks great. I really like how the record completely changes when held up to the light too.

This second press copy joins my 'yellow piss' version of the first press. The first press colour is limited to 600. I'm not sure how many of this second press have been made though.

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  1. i like the back pic on the sleeve. standing is cooler than sitting :) my after next post will include this record too. yet in another colour way.