Friday, 30 November 2012

Finding My Peace

I've been lousy at posting up new stuff this month, I've just been so busy. But I have got plenty to post about so I reckon I'm gonna try and make a dent this weekend. Got some cool stuff to show including a 'Record Store Day part 2' story so stay tuned (or logged in as the case may be here).

Anyway, reaching for the first record near me...

Malfunction - Finding My Peace. I pre-ordered this what seems like quite a few months ago based purely on the fact it was out on Reaper Records and I'll pretty much buy anything that label puts out. It's not bad stuff, this band sound quite a lot like Expire I think, so I'm down with it.

I got the clear vinyl version limited to 200 copies. There is also a red version of 800 copies. I like that skull on the centre labels, although I'm not sure about the cover art work on the whole, i can't work out if I like it or if it's a bit cheesy. It's a bit different I suppose.

Solid relase as usual from Reaper though.


  1. The artwork of this one looks like tattoo art for sure.

  2. Yeah it does Willem. It's striking no doubt, but I'm not completely sold on it.

  3. can't do without this sound. rad style!