Monday, 5 November 2012

Birds Going Confetti

I like Give alot, but I don't listen to them as much as I'd like to as their stuff is spread over like 5 different 7" records. So when I saw them all put together in one handy place on Marcus' blog I knew I had to pick the record up.

This is entitled Singles Going Confetti and was released for the bands world tour by Assault Records.

Pretty cool to have all the songs on one slab of wax and it also includes a bonus track exclusive to this release.

It's pressed on a good looking yellow vinyl and is limited to 160 on this colour with another 260 on black.

A side note and kind of a stupid point but the record also came in a plastic sleeve that I'd love to get more of for the rest of my collection. Good size, good thickness and some how seems to make the record look really good inside it, wonder where I can get more of these from?

Second record I'll feature in this post was another whim buy.

Birds In Row and their new album You, Me, & The Violence on Deathwish Records. I heard one track on this LP, the track Pilori and thought it sounded pretty good. So when I saw this in a UK distro I picked it up almost without hesitation (need records must buy, need records must buy).

I should have learnt my lesson with that Former Thieves record I spoke about a few posts ago though, as one track does not a record make. Don't get me wrong once again this is alright stuff it just hasn't really grabbed me at all. When this band rage they are pretty interesting but theres also alot of slower arty introspective moments that just don't do it for me at all here. I really don't know how much I'll listen to this, or maybe it needs more listens? I dunno.

Decent gate fold packaging on white vinyl. I'm not sure how many the white vinyl press is limited to although I believe there are three different colour ways.

I quite like the big poster included. I just heard a track off the new Code Orange Kids record that Deathwish is releasing next and I like it, something tells me I should listen to more of it before snapping that one up too though right?


  1. I see that Assault still has copies of the GIVE record in their store. I'm trying to resist buying one...

  2. Get stuck in mate. You know you'll only end up trying to find one on the Bay in a year or so if you don't

    1. Very good point. I think I'll have to pick one up before I lose my chance.