Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Four Scores

Four quick scores I've picked up recently -

Razor Cut - Combative Attitude. When I was picking up that Red, White & Blue Compilation recently I also picked up this based entirely on the cover. They just looked like they'd be a good band, I don't know why, I guess because they look a bit unconventional. Two chicks (who doesn't love chicks in bands?) a older looking dude and a young looking dude. I  was right too as this is pretty good catchy Oi/Punk.

This is the European version of the release which has a different cover to the U.S version and is stickered & hand numbered out of 250 with 100 black, 100 white and 50 splatter vinyl, sadly I just have the black version. I wouldn't mind picking up a U.S version of this now, I bet my man Mario knows where to look?!?

Next up a record I'm so late to the party with it isn't even funny.

No Tolerance - No Remorse, No Tolerance. Mario (hah another mention) managed to pick me up a copy of the blue version of this record a while ago so I knew I had to get a black version when I saw it as I'd been meaning to for a while but just hadn't got round to it. Hey, it happens sometimes right? there's a lot of records out there.

Anyway this is a cool record that I like alot. I could have got this wrong but this seems to be different to the other versions I've seen blogged about though as It's the black vinyl with the black and silver screen print cover, I'm sure all the others I've seen have the black and white cover with the black vinyl? Maybe I've got that wrong.

The next two are just a couple of cheap eBay buys.

Reign Supreme - Fuck The Weak. I've been meaning to get some more Reign Supreme after picking up the American Violence 7" so this is another welcome addition.

Green vinyl first press out of 800 I believe.

Righteous Jams - Boston Straight Edge

Up until getting this I didn't actually have any Righteous Jams on vinyl so this seemed like a decent place to start containing the bands 2003 demo.

Flipping it over I was pleasantly surprised to see that familiar Spoiler art on the back, I didn't know this was on there. Since then though I've seen a version of this that has a Spoiler cover too, would be nice to get one of them.

Standard black vinyl, no idea how many were pressed or even there were any other colours.


  1. Sweet records!! Yeah I'll get that record to you soon bro, I've just been waiting to try and get a few more cool things for you to make the postage worth it but there haven't been any good shows around here lately! I love that the dude in Razor Cut is wearing a Pressure Point shirt, one of my favorite bands and Sacramento CA Oi! Legends...