Monday, 3 December 2012


Sometimes I'll pick a record up just because it's cheap and it almost seems pointless not to pick it up. This is one of those and it cost me a ridiculous 99p.

Turmoil are a band I hadn't heard for years and couldn't completely remember what they sounded like, although I had a fair idea. I was right, there were no surprises at all when I spun this record their 1999 debut 'the process of'. I'm instantly transported back to those metallic hardcore bands of the late 90's. Earth Crisis, Snapcase etc etc. Look at the back picture basketball vests, bead choker necklaces, bandanas, bleach blonde highlights, sick of it all it.

I enjoyed this record more than I thought I would actually, it's not bad at all. This is the European release on Kingfisher. Black vinyl I'm afraid.


  1. just bought myself earth crisis' gomorrah's season ends. coincedence that you mentioned them. maybe a sign for me to check more of turmoil ;-)

  2. I imagine this to be right up your street Tino

  3. 1996s, From Bleeding hands, was their "debut" album.
    They released a few EPs prior to that.

  4. Haha I knew this wasn't their debut I have no idea why I even wrote that looking at it now. Thanks for the heads up though