Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Snake Eyes

Sometimes bands just pass me by, it happens, so much so that I was surprised that I'd never actually heard of this band. Snake Eyes - S/T . What makes this even more surprising is the personnel involved, former members of Carry-On and future members of Terror.

I spotted this on eBay a few weeks ago and was pulled in by the other bands listed in the title so I made a blind bid of a small amount and won. It was only once this had arrived and put it on to my turntable that I actually researched who the band were. This is good stuff. Released on 1917 Records in 2007 this is the clear vinyl version of either 103, 352 or 570. The 1917 website discography has the numbers just not which version relates to which number. (Thanks to Willem I now know the clear version is out of 103)


  1. Good band. I found a copy of this on black in a dollar bin at a record store once and bought it without knowing anything about them, glad I did because it's pretty good.

  2. It exists on blue and white also. I used to collect 1917 stuff back in the days...

    I came to this pressing info:

    Clear /103
    Blue /352
    White /570

  3. Ah thanks Willem. I didn't expect this to be the most limited version. Score!!

  4. Definitely nice score!!! Totally forgot about this band. Now I have work to do.

  5. If I remember correct there are also members of Betrayed in this band? Betrayed used to be highly sought after (or expensive to get) but then suddenly fell down hard, with prices collapsing...