Monday, 12 August 2013

Birthday Records

It was my birthday recently, whilst I might be past the point of really wanting to 'celebrate' this fact, it does of course mean I have every excuse to land myself some records.
Me and the good lady had a weekend away and of course I used the opportunity to hit up a couple of record stores. Now I've said it before and Tino said it in his last post too but when you're in a physical record store itching to make a purchase or two you'll buy just about anything that takes your fancy.

Converge - Caring & Killing

I'd eyed up this reissue of Caring & Killing in the store before but had sherked at the price (£23 which isn't even that much but when other records are priced at £10 it seems alot) and also the fact that as it was sealed I presumed it was just on standard black vinyl, but with money to burn and scant pickings in front of me I opted this time to pick up the compilation of Converge' early work.

And would you believe it wasn't on black vinyl at all but instead this rather sexy clear with black splatter double vinyl. As usual with Converge this package is on the whole really good, even if I'm not entirely sure what's going on with the cover art. (The sticker on the front was actually on the shrink wrap but I thought it was too cool to not carefully peel off and stick on the cover).

The original release just had some live show type photos on it and whilst not in keeping with the bands later releases I think an updated version of that might have looked awesome here. Anyway, this clear with black spatter version is I believe of 700. How 90's is the kid on the inner sheet? dreadlocks, baseball t-shirt (maiden at that) and bead chokers...Awesome!

I also picked up two more records. First up between the buried and me - S/T

or is that betweeen the buried and me? I didn't realise until after I'd bought the record and got it home and checked the pressing info on discogs that it has a spelling mistake on the front.

 This is a 2012 repress of the bands 2002 debut on Lifeforce Records. I couldn't even remember if I'd heard this before or not but being a fan of the bands 'The Silent Circus' and 'Alaska' records I picked it up.

White vinyl version of 1037 copies. Lastly I picked up a record I'm fairly sure I'd have never picked up if I wasn't in a record store. CodeOrangeKids - Love Is Love//Return To Dust

Terrible band name aside I'd heard this band mentioned a lot and checked out a track and thought it was okay and definitely fitted in with that noisy 'Deathwish sound' that I'm in the main a fan of.

I've only given it a couple of spins but I'm pretty non-plussed about the record but hey, dems the breaks! You never know though I might eventually listen to this and think it's great.

This Opaque Yellow vinyl version is a second press of 1799 copies.


  1. Happy birthday, man! Just had mine the other day as well.

  2. happy birthday mate!
    that converge record looks great. i'm getting really sucked in by them at the moment. that new record is so great. i'm checking out more. that betw'eee'n the buried and me is a funny one. wonder if i had realised that :)