Thursday, 8 August 2013

Background to Lifetime

A few months ago I wrote about two really great records from Lifetime - Hello Bastards and Jerseys Best Dancers (here) and a little later out of curiosity I picked up and wrote about the bands later LP (here). Well that's three of the bands four albums and you know what that means? Yep, it was incomplete. I've rectified that recently though. Lifetime - Background

I spotted this on eBay and put in a small bid thinking there wouldn't be many people out there keen to pick up Lifetimes debut record on New Age Records. I was right, I was only out bid by one person but luckily for me it seems they flaked on the deal so I was offered a second chance bid and picked this up for next to nothing. It's not brilliant as record goes and by the time the bands next two records roll around they are pretty much a completely different band with only a few lasting echoes of this early sound. But I didn't have the record and now I do so it's all good and I've scratched that missing LP itch at least. Standard black vinyl, I'm not sure if this was ever released on colour vinyl or not.


  1. Contrary to popular opinion, I think this is their best record.
    It never came on colour though. Neither did the New Age 7".

  2. Yeah I've gotta go with the majority on this one Marcus

  3. This is a pretty amazing album. I was lucky enough to see them play these songs.