Friday, 11 January 2013

Triple The Terror

I apologise if this post looks a bit shit. For some reason I can't upload any photos to my blog so I'm having to do it with my phone.
Anyway, a pre-order placed what seems like months ago has finally arrived with me this week. Terrors new output Hard Lessons, which is acting as a taster for their upcoming LP Live By The Code.
It's more of the same from Terror, not that I'm complaining, it's all good. With this 7" it's actually the second track Only The Devil Knows that I prefer, it's a total high speed ripper!!

Three one sided colours were available. Red of 300, Gold of 700 and Clear of 2000. As usual with reaper the package for all three was pretty good so I grabbed them all. The Fact it's one sided seems a bit of a waste to me, think I'd have preferred a track on each side even if it meant the hassle of flipping the record when listening.

I'm looking forward to the new LP after this.

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