Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Posi Affairs

I'll probably spend the first few days of this year posting up some backlog vinyl. I picked this Internal Affairs / Allegiance Split up from eBay a month or so ago. This is the Posi Numbers sleeve version from 2004.

Pretty cool screen printed cover artwork. Which is a different take on the regular release cover. The paper material it's pressed on feels a bit odd though, it's almost like wallpaper. Anyway, one of the reasons I'm posting this up is I'm slightly puzzled by the numbering on this.

Number 37 of 1200?? That can't be right, looks more like it was going to say 200 and is supposed to now say 120? I have no idea, 120 seems more realistic though. Anyone know how many of these were knocked up?


  1. It certainly does look like 1200 from the pic. But it's out of 120.


  2. Nice one Marcus. I figured as much. Good to have the confirmation

  3. It was supposed to be 200, but it turned out that IA brought their own limited sleeves (bald guy with an IA tattoo on his head), so they stuck to 120 copies instead of 200.

    I was at that fest and it was by far the coolest sleeve made for the fest, it still looks amazing. I did see some test prints in silver and brownish gold ink. They looked sweet too.