Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Higher Learning

Another recent pick up that probably doesn't need a whole lot of commentary or explaining. Rev 140 Down To Nothing - Higher Learning

Down To Nothing are a rad band and this is a rad song, in fact I don't have enough Down To Nothing a couple of 7"s and an LP I think, I should correct this.

This is the green second press of 500. I have a small but reasonably formed and growing collection of Revelation vinyl and this is another good addition, especially as I don't think you see this for sale much and I think it's all sold out at Rev HQ,

In fact whilst I'm at it I've just dug out and listened to my copies of the On Thin Ice / DTN split. So here they are too.

Grave Mistake version

Dead and Gone Version on blue wax

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  1. Great pick up! Totally forgot about that grave mistake release!