Sunday, 20 January 2013

Losin' It

Don't you just hate it when a fellow blog brother posts about a record that's yet to drop onto your door mat. That's what happened with this one. Mario posted this up last week and was already tipping it to be one of his albums of the year. I'd been waiting eagerly to hear this, so now I was climbing the walls waiting for it. Anyway it finally came this week and yeah it's a bit of a stormer. Losin' It - No Apology.

I liked the previous 7" Welcome To The Dangerzone that I had by the band but this is a real step up and sounds like a much more rounded band on display here. It's just more focused without losing any of the flavour that made that 7" so good.

I jumped on the pre-order for this sucker fairly early so managed to nab a 'pre-order' colour of the release which turned out to be a kinda swirl mix of the two more common pink and blue versions of the record. Although at pre-order it said this was out of 100 but the centre label has it marked out of 50 as you can see. Not sure what happened there, is there two different pre-order colours of 50?

I've got number 38 out of 50.

Now in Marios post he mentioned getting a poster with his copies of the records but I didn't get one with mine which I'm actually a bit bummed about as if they were supposed to come with one makes this feel a little incomplete! Ah well, great record all the same and a great start to what should be a good year for music and hardcore. Bring it on.

* I apologise that the photos suck a bit, I'm still having problems uploading pictures onto the blog.


  1. I'm pretty sure you had to buy the poster seperately or get the package with all 3 colours. I could be wrong though. Living in Canada sucks, I still haven't gotten my copy. I'm curious to see why it's #'d out of 50.

  2. Don't trip, after March 1st I'll send you an extra poster they gave me in your package! I got you bro!