Saturday, 13 June 2015

Pray For Light

JI've slowly been working on my Coalesce and Converge collection so this record ticks both bands boxes.

Coalesce / Converge - Among The Dead We Pray For Light

I guess it's relatively rare that you love both bands on a split release so for that reason this is a pretty special record from 1997. Two amazing bands contributing a track each.

This is the red version of the record I think, there's a pink version too and having not seen it I guess it could be the pink one as it has a pink tone to it. Either way I'm stoked to have a colour vinyl version. I believe either way it's out of 100 made pressing numbers wise.

I love when things like this are inside a record, mail order sheets/adverts. Remnants of a bygone era now really.

1 comment:

  1. love those sheets too! little treasure maps. shame the treasures have most likely all been found already, haha.