Sunday, 7 June 2015

Women In Uniform

Despite being a metal head and more so in my formative musical years I've never been the biggest Iron Maiden fan in the world, I can pretty much take them or leave them in general and I don't really care for their post around say '86 work, but the material before that I can certainly hang with and do throw on a record every now and again.

Iron Maiden - Women In Uniform

Because I've got all those early albums on vinyl I always had an interest in picking up the Women In Uniform single as it's not an album track and the cover is really cool if not a little 'of it's time'. So when the bands 7" output was rereleased recently I picked this up.

Truth be told it's a fairly awful track and not really in keeping with the bands sound of the time, mainly because it's a cover. The band themselves have even distanced from it and by all accounts never liked it at all. From what I've read it was the record labels attempt to get them a radio hit and was 'metalled' down in production.
Weirdly though or maybe not so weirdly due to the fact that I'm writing this very blog I now have a faint stirring somewhere at the back of my mind to pick up some more of these early singles. What the hell is wrong with me??

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  1. I know the band was pressured into recording this song, and that may be the reason why they have looked down their noses at it, but I've always loved their cover of Women In Uniform.